Why data is key

A conversation with sustainable design pioneer William McDonough

Sustainability is an increasingly important concept for businesses, both large and small. William McDonough, architect and sustainable design pioneer, has long been an advocate for the environment and understands the importance of businesses operating more sustainably.

In a conversation with Bright.Blue’s CEO, Jiri Horalek, McDonough explains, “It is no longer a question of whether companies should be more sustainable, but rather how they can become more sustainable. Companies like Bright.Blue are leading the way with innovative solutions that are profitable and have positive environmental impact.”

McDonough is referring to Bright.Blue’s advanced refill solutions, which use data to generate profits and reduce waste. By leveraging the power of data, Bright.Blue is helping retailers establish long-lasting, strong relationships with their customers, and encouraging them to subscribe to better, less wasteful products.

McDonough explains that businesses must take their sustainability responsibilities seriously and look for ways to make their operations more efficient and reduce their environmental impact. He believes that companies like Bright.Blue are providing the solutions necessary to make this possible.

“The power of data is often overlooked in the conversation about sustainability, but it is the key to achieving a more sustainable future,” McDonough said. “Bright.Blue is at the forefront of this movement and their solutions are a game-changer for sustainability in retail.” As businesses continue to explore the possibilities of becoming more sustainable, solutions like Bright.Blue’s refill solutions will become increasingly important. McDonough is confident that businesses will recognize the potential of these solutions and adopt them to help make their operations more efficient and reduce their environmental impact.

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